About Suketchi

While some choose to discount his talent being new to the game, the reality is that Suketchi is one of the most artistic and creative minds in the art industry today. Continually upping the ante, Suketchi has proven himself to be more than a triple threat as he can paint to a high standard.

The birth of his style came from the rise of the controversial crypto currency, the mad history of paper currency and the meaning of money in the world today.
As he points out how we value things as human beings, the artist uses characters like ”Uncle Richie” from his childhood as well as famous paintings like ”Mona Lisa” to ensure his message is coming across well.

The artist will also unveil a new platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called ”Suketchi Collection” on opensea.io where he will collaborate with Ethereum on a line of digital art collectibles on the blockchain.

While he has previously showcased his skills in music, he puts brush to canvas, spray paint to steel and aluminum to impress yet again with a new artwork.